• Know what i hate? tattoo's and fucking excuses, people, ice cream, furries, scalies, myself, fursuits, sex, minorities, sexualities, internet,online relationships, people who can't get a life, fucking America, food, eating, video calls, Zoom, school, whistleblowing, false evidence, lack of evidence, cheating, jobs, ace hardware, vans, country music, arcades, dragons, the colour blue, gender roles, homophobia, not supporting people different from you, bullying, fucking purple a colour i can't see, then kyle the no good bastard who i thought was my friend even, meth fucking is disgusting, money is gross to touch and i can't stand it, old people who own new things, most of them don't even use it properly, i hate homeschool, it puts you behind and makes it harder to adjust to live real life in a real school, biological parents are fucking worse then all they gave me up, adoption for not aborting me and last but not least

    I hate society, the creepy, crawly thing that makes this sick world run, assuming a groups opinion is fact because any observation is an opinion "The suns bright yellow" false it could be blue to someone else, who's right? Who are you to decide huh? And the big and strong prevail over the weak and innocent and let them get harassed for the rest of their lives for being different and anything anyone does in return to the bullies gets in trouble because they are the bad guys, the people that get pay back and defend themselves.

    I think I'm done with JustFurry, I don't see the worth in it as its almost as low as myself, I know that's harsh and everyone tries their best I just waste my time for nothing to happen most of the time, Then on top of that there is no actual community, it's just groups of sad people sharing memes with each other with little connection in general.

    Also cuddling is disgusting, it requires a close friendship and half the time it feels awful, I feel awful, it's all in the emotion and mood as i can't keep pretending i like it when i now feel like a different person.

    I don't even like Furries anymore, they're just self loathing people that hide away in their insecurities instead of expanding, hiding away in online communities to date eachother with each person countries away and calling it love when love doesn't expand fully into you know someone in real life, it's gross and the community is filed with trans kids that don't understand respect is earned and anyone who defies this is an awful person with no reasoning and no life with no regard that other people have opinions and issues and just the community is too gay and too trans and too everything it needs to be a flavour of everything but it just feels like a gay parade and nobody can fit in without feeling the need to be woke and tolerant every second of their lives because if they don't they get their ass kicked out because we allow sad people that are sadder then the rest of us own the community. We turned the fandom into something we own, trying to "protect" our fursonas species and such, being selfish and rude to those who are inspired or just young trying to sue and harass someone until you get your way.

    Nobody understands me, they sit me aside and say they do and retell a old story but they don't, they're just useless, people are useless, like this stupid rant and this stupid society and this stupid community that is full of nothing but unaccepting queers and overly stereotypical gay folk that made me go nearly straight as my path out of here. 6 years was enough for me but nobody will remember this nobody remembers anything that even dares to question what *THEY* like, nobody listens to anyone but themselves in a gem filled mirror

    Nonetheless everyone who is lonely enough establishes silly triggers completely forgetting they're reserved for people with real issues, if you don't like being misgendered shut up, improve yourself, and ignore the haters and be a better person then you were a minute ago because unless you've been beaten and harassed like me and countless others I suggest you find a new line of bitching because in the real world nobody cares for your triggers, you'll be picked up and replaced instantly with no emotion lost on your takers side because you again, are just a spec of nothing in the darkness known as the world, planet earth.
    I'm not homophobic, I'm not transphobic, I'm being honest from the point of view of someone who wants everyone to feel safe. And remember if you don't like this don't read it and don't fret.
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  • Alright here's a rant.

    Stop asking for free art. It's like kicking the door down of the local sculptor, beating up their partner, then burning down their house in a manic craze only to ask for some free art commissions.

    That might be over dramatic I'm sorry.

    But like seriously I can allow people using non-fursona art (Pleasure art used to practice etc) is fair game, sorry, sue me. But if someone used my fursona I'd *KINDLY* ask them not to do what they did, if they didn't depending on their age I'd care, if it's a beginner furry chances are I'd make art for them, but outside of that hell no leave fursonas alone.

    This is a unpopular opinion I know but seriously in the end it's just abunch of pixels, ones and zeros, and alot of fur we're fussing over.

    And about my rants, Yes I'm always upset ^^

    #rant #unpopularopinion
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  • My second fursona ever from when i was around 11, Hugzy the angel dragon 馃挏
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  • Gift art for my boyfriend of his fursona; Jonah. Enjoy! #Digitalart #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #furryartist #animalartist #animal #feral #sfw #furry #furryfandom #digitalartist #artist #art #artwork #drawing #myart #myartwork #myartstyle #illustration #headshot
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  • Personal art of my fursona; Ino, enjoy! #Digitalart #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #furryartist #animalartist #animal #feral #sfw #furry #furryfandom #digitalartist #artist #art #artwork #drawing #myart #myartwork #myartstyle #illustration #headshot
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  • I made myself a"file" of my fursona Midgard
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  • I got a old frend of mine to make me a REF of my fursona Midgard! Im so happy of how it came out!!
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  • Just random doodled a new fursona his name is "blueberry"
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  • I forgot this place existed for like 10 months XD, my account is changed cause I got a new fursona since then UwU
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  • Personal art of my fursona; Ino as stress relief. #Digitalart #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #furryartist #animalartist #animal #feline #feral #hyena #sfw #furry #furryfandom #digitalartist #artist #art #artwork #drawing #midshot #semirealism #myart #myartwork #myartstyle #illustration #snowleopard #personalart
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  • *shiver*
    So um I am too scared I am shaking while typing this ugghhhhh there is a talent show coming up and me and my friend are doing it and he just bullied me because he hates furries and fursonas and I am ughhhhhhh so mad at him I wanna call my bff over right now I just can’t take this any more kskdjjdjd I hate life as a sixth grader,mckendkdjcjejhfkdlsmck, f*ck mskdmdkdmckdmckfmfkfm. Imma go...
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  • A 2 Day in the snow!
    Hello everyfur of the site! I just came back from the mountens yesterday and i want to tell you all about it! i went with the rest of the famliy while my 3rd little Cortney is back with my mom and mainly with the babys. I was with my Grandmother,Gewn,Kaden,Kamrynn,and my brother kentrell we all head to the moutens but the drive was soo long i almost fall asleep but good lord i brought my switch...
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