• Hey, I think I'm gonna start taking art requests again, only for headshots though. Send me a pic of ur sona if you're interested!
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    found this article. actually rly nice
    Protogen Facts YOU LIKELY DIDNT KNOW!
    Protogen Facts YOU LIKELY DIDNT KNOW!
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  • haha now that you read this your a the most adorable thing on earth >:3
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  • i made a new protogen oc meet GalexyHeart!
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  • some art round up 2020-2021
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  • Due too emails i have gotten and the non-stop hate I have desided to abandon furry activities for now…
    I will still be part of the fandom just not quite socalizing by going to cons or meet ups…
    I'm sorry but I can't handle the stress of the emails and messages and Blackout, please have Blaze pop on and look at this too…
    This account is here by abandoned
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  • An art trade for King! uwu
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  • i have been rather curious about how others date back in constituting what is retro to them. i have been thinking of maybe doing pitfall 3D: Beyond the jungle as part of a stream, but don't know how many would enjoy watching it. please tell me if you find it peak your curiosity or simply as and i would happily post a link to a video to the intro of the game that gives the story.
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