Just a quick note. The webservices are not transcoding files not only in WEBP but also in the latest format AVIF.

AVIF is based off of the AV1 codec used for Video. A standard which YouTube, Google, and Netflix have adopted in order to deliver content faster will keeping bandwidth overhead low.

No modifications to the basecode of justfurry were made in order for this to be rolled out. All of this is handled at the web daemon Nginx levels.

As an end-user on justfurry.com this will not affect anything you do.

This will affect Firefox version 86 and above users and Chrome 85 and above and Opera 71 and above users.

To those users on Safari for MAC. Or Internet explorer. it's not going to affect you at all. This site will serve JPG and PNG to you perfectly fine.

Server protect you.

- S
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