Hey yall! I have an update! I've been playing Animal Jam Play Wild (Android)! If you want to play with me my user is: Snowball12121 (Don't judge me, 9 year old me came up with it) I will give you some free stuff and friend you! Btw if you get "Sapphires" (Like diamonds in the game) You can buy things like animals, pets, set, clothing items, den items, and dens! If you happen to see something in the den items called "Masterpiece Token" I am willing to make you something called a "Masterpiece" (Basically you draw on it and you can save it and make it dignity see-able in game!) I will make it of what you want! I will finish it in one day but AJHQ (The owners of the game) Will have to review it (Takes up to about a week) So you can wait! Depending on your choice of what you want (Line-art=1 Masterpiece Token, Colored=2 Masterpiece Tokens, and lastly Background=3 Masterpiece Tokens!) It will be the price, if you want something like pride art just ask me! (Head=2 Masterpiece Tokens, Shoulders up=3 Masterpiece Tokens, and full body=4 Masterpiece Tokens!) So ya! If you want more then one Masterpiece (You know, it raises the price) just ask! (And yes you play as animals! If you want to join comment below! (comment your username!) Warning! You can't say curse words or inappropriate conversations! It will get you suspended or worse, you'll get banned! Stay safe, stay home! #AloneTogether #AJPW
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