Partner with JF / Sponsorships!

    Are you looking to branch out, and grow as an Artist, Writer, or simply wish your YouTube channel to grow more?

    We are looking for growth too!

    Just as all social media websites must grow, JustFurry needs to branch out to new people to stay alive, gain influence and to keep growing.

    Partnering with JustFurry helps to share your content with JustFurry users, and bring new users to the site, causing a loop of benefits for all furries. Partnerships may also paid, and at this time, we are looking for furry or furry-oriented Youtubers.

    Please consider the terms below. If you think you fit the bill and would like to become a partner, please send your request for sponsorship [here].

    Qualifications to Be Sponsored
  • Partners must be relatively active on their respective platforms. Uploads between 2-4 times a month or more, smaller outputs may be allowed if the videos tend to be longer.
  • Partners must have 50 or more subscribers.
  • For the duration of a sponsorship, a link to register to JustFurry must appear in all newly posted videos descriptions.
  • What if you cant/dont want to be sponsored, but want to help JustFurry? Feel free to advertise the site on your own terms.