This Whole page is information on Voice acting auditions, upcoming live stream or Game fest events, and updates from the Blaze Mari series!
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  • Hewo everyone new games are coming this month and 2021 i'll be doing a recording of my thoughts and opinions on the new games. hope i do my best!
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  • Also we hope that everyone is staying safe in doors, wash your hands and please stay way from crowed areas.
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  • Hello everyfur! Welcome back to news 39! News update on the new Hatsune Miku Ultimate Mix the new Hatsune Miku game project diva mega mix will be on switch on may 15th! So after my birthday i will do my very best to get the full game on eshop! so get ready for the stream that will have your ears rocking!
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  • Hello every furry Blaze here with the official news from News 39! Let's start with the live stream events!

    - Hatsune Miku Mega mix and Future tone DX is gonna be on twitch and Youtube the styles will be different and the beats will be more fun so stay tuned for more updates!

    - Also in some streams a room for voice chat will be open for some streams so you can talk to me or ask me questions that you want me to answer.

    - and last but not least my PS4 will be repaired by my friend Matthew! that means more content will be on my channel so stay tuned for live streams next week! and a big shout out to Matthew for the repair!

    Well that's all for this weeks news please like this page to keep getting news from News 39 until next time. . . Stay furry!
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