JustFurry Market
new character
anybody can take him and redraw him or even change things on him once you buy him. I don't need a new character.
drawing fursonas
I will try to draw your fursonas in my own art style. just give me a simple description of your fursona, just don't make it too detailed cause if you do then I would have a hard time and it would take me longer to draw it. PS. I am better at male furrsonas than female.
Minecraft skins
I can make almost any skin you can ask for minus skin variation between pixels. Commission and it will be done as soon as possible or when I have time. Please note that I will not bring any NSFW into skins such as the lower privet areas. If anthro clothing is optional but if human clothing will be part of skin but an over layer unless you say otherwise, bottom layer will have them in boxers for males and for females the traditional undergarnets.
Link to skins made by me: https://www.minecraftskins.com/profile/3449336/crimsonthedragal
I am doing commissions and I will draw whatever you want me to draw but it will be in my own art style. like the picture shows is one ex. ps comment if you want a commission or message me.
Character cards
If you want people to know your talent and fursona name please buy Character cards after buying please send your fursona in any pose you want just no NSFW please. thank you.