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See listing here: https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/cute-dog-shark-dinosaur-partial-fursuit-costume/206168

Selling my lightly used 2 year old toony partial fursuit along with full character rights and ownership. It is a dog/shark/dinosaur hybrid, but the new owner may do whatever they want to with the character. Also comes with a black bandana with the character's current name (Calypso) on it, a lanyard, 2 physical badges, and over 15 digital art pieces sent via email. All SFW.

Only worn 3 times. Worn one day at a convention, and briefly at 2 Halloween parties. It was washed after the convention. Well taken care of. I have been the only owner of the suit and character. There are no major defects with the suit, but there are a couple minor flaws, which are listed down below in the details section.

Comes from a pet and smoke free home. Will be disinfected before shipping.

Free USA shipping. Local pickup available. International shipping through USPS is $100*. Additional customs fees may apply. Package must be signed for upon delivery. Suit will not be shipped until payment is received in full.
* Note to international buyers: When shipping through the United States Postal Service, tracking is usually only available within the US. After a package leaves the US, it is handed to the next country's postal service and is rarely trackable from there on. If the package is lost, damaged, or stolen after leaving the US/USPS, there is nothing I can do. By making this purchase with the default shipping option of USPS international shipping, you are agreeing to and accepting those risks. If you would like to use a worldwide shipping service like UPS, FedEx, or DHL, it may be requested with an additional cost. International shipping through one of these companies offers worldwide tracking and insurance protection, but average in cost anywhere from $400 to $800 or more depending on the package and destination country. Feel free to ask for a shipping quote if interested.

No refunds. Suit is sold "as is".

Fursuit Details:

Fursuit Head:
Made by BaxterTheDutchie
Maximum head circumference size: 23 inches.
• Built on balaclava. The lining is cutoff and sewn to the top part of the inside the head. The balaclava is hidden from outside viewers.
• Great ventilation. Made from foam using the stacking method, which allows a bigger space for airflow.
• Removable Velcro tongue.
• Excellent vision with "follow me" eyes. Eyes are made from rigid plastic mesh with small holes to allow for better vision and ventilation.
Minor flaws: There is a little bit of visible hot glue around the outside edges of the inner part of the eyes, and the nose fabric has a very minor glue spot in the bottom corner. There is also a small popped seam on one of the gills where it is sewn to the neck, but this is also not noticeable unless you specifically look for it.

Hand Paws:
Made by Pawsome Suits
Maximum wrist circumference size: 8 inches.
Minimum hand length size: 6.5 inches.
Come with optional removable foam finger inserts. Faux leather paw pads. Black fleece claws. Unlined and cuffed.

Fursuit Tail:
Made by Doggy Daze Studios
3 feet long. 2 elastic belt loops.

Indoor Feet Paw Slippers:
Made by Lazy One
Maximum foot length size: 10 inches.
Low quality fur, but looks ok when brushed. Slippers came with a small hole in one of the claws. Slippers have small visible brand tags on the back of the ankles.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
new character
anybody can take him and redraw him or even change things on him once you buy him. I don't need a new character.
drawing fursonas
I will try to draw your fursonas in my own art style. just give me a simple description of your fursona, just don't make it too detailed cause if you do then I would have a hard time and it would take me longer to draw it. PS. I am better at male furrsonas than female.
Minecraft skins
I can make almost any skin you can ask for minus skin variation between pixels. Commission and it will be done as soon as possible or when I have time. Please note that I will not bring any NSFW into skins such as the lower privet areas. If anthro clothing is optional but if human clothing will be part of skin but an over layer unless you say otherwise, bottom layer will have them in boxers for males and for females the traditional undergarnets.
Link to skins made by me: https://www.minecraftskins.com/profile/3449336/crimsonthedragal
I am doing commissions and I will draw whatever you want me to draw but it will be in my own art style. like the picture shows is one ex. ps comment if you want a commission or message me.