This is the Music group! Here you can share and talk about music as much as your heart desires! I'll be posting music here every day (Monday-Friday) Unless noted otherwise, enjoy, be respectful, and dance on!
  • "I Wanna Do It Good To Ya" By Barry White

    That's what she said! Haha just kidding, but yes, this is another love song, I'm a fan of them, I'm in love!

    Barry White is a solid favorite of mine who has a defining voice that I can never never get enough of (That's a joke, never mind hgh) but yes, enjoy, and see you Monday.
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  • "There's no easy way" By James Ingram

    There's No Easy Way is a classic song by the singer James Ingram, known for his unique voice that had a pleasant hoarseness to it. The music accompanying him is simple but comforting to most, at least to me!
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  • "Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" By Gladys Knight & The Pips

    Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me is a sweet love song by Gladys Knight & The Pips, is a perfect song to express yourself to a loved one. Personally, I love the gentle lyrics and background music accompanying it!

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  • (Repost For Music Group)
    "After All" By Al Jarreau

    After All is a great love song by Al Jarreau, a artist that many of you probably haven't heard of. With a soft voice accompanied with long cords played by a Symphasizer.

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