This is a group for people that have a fursuit or is getting one! The owner of the group is AutmnTheHyena. Terms & Service if you want free artwork of your fursuit you have to ask or request it. If you ask for my to finish it at a time I will try to be done before the time. If there is no time limit I will work on it but it isn't my top priority I have school and homework and other things so I will be a little slow. I am on 5 days a week (school days) I may be on during the weekend (rarely) but if I don't answer you right away please don't be mad I am human too. If you ask for anything NSFW I will not do it because I feel uncomfortable when people ask for that kind of thing. I can decline any request because I am not being paid for it. If I decline your request don't try to bring me down or make me feel bad and make me do it. Remember I am not a meanie or bully for declining your request. (I'm a good homan I promise)
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