Hello everyone,


I haven’t made a post here for a while. But you’ve probably heard my name being dropped a lot here. There’s good reason for that. One of the primary reasons is that JustFurry moved from an old decrepit GoDaddy server that was located in Amsterdam, to the VPS that hosts my blog known simply as s-config.com.

The reason why this move took place was in part of financial reasons. That the administrator of this site is going to college full-time. Which full-time college means no-time working. Without work means no money in which a website of this caliber needs to remain online.


Since I had a VPS located in Chicago, USA. I had offered to take JustFurry onto my server. To which LtWolfie has agreed. I won’t say that the move was easy. Anyone who has had prior experience with a GoDaddy website could tell you that working with those people turns into a living hell.

GoDaddy’s advertisement of “$1 domains and unlimited bandwidth” sounds very appealing until you actually get onto their server and realize the hardware has not been upgraded since the year 2000 and to add insult to injury. The server has been overprovisioned with 100 times more than then what the fiber backbone could support. This is why JustFurry felt like being on a PowerPoint driven by a 486 instead of legit being a smooth running website.


Not all of the credit of transferring the domain goes to just me. It also goes to our hosting provider which not only allowed me to bring JustFurry onto this VPS but also handled the domain and SSL registration which is @Sinabu from anubianhost.com.


Of course you’re asking yourself what impact does all of this mean to you the average user of JustFurry?


Well, it’s very minimal actually! In fact you’ve probably noticed the positive impact of speed coming off of this site. That’s because of more modern hardware/software in the background driving this. But also it’s a properly provisioned server.


There will be bugs. This is common. If you do find any bugs be sure to report them accordingly.


S-Config will continue to remain as a user on JustFurry. I do not have jurisdiction over the Intellectual Properties, Moderation, ToS, and design of JustFurry. That is still all very much LtWolfies place to determine. Believe me, after going to my website, you guys probably wouldn’t want me as a Staff/Moderator! ;)

S-Config believes in JustFurry as an asset to the furry community that makes sense from a financial and technological perspective which is why S-Config believes in keeping it alive while the administration team if away at college becoming developers.

S-Config should stop talking in the third person as that tends to worry people.

This of course does not mean JustFurry does not require help! JustFurry needs one thing more than host-providers, moderators, and administrators which is YOU! Now this would probably be the point where we would ask you to donate money to help with future projects and the sustainability of JustFurry. To which if you do have the money that’s fantastic! PayPal donation bar is at the top right corner of this site. Unlike other social networks for the furry community sustainably for the entire year is incredibly inexpensive. If every single active user within the past 2 months (not total users) donated $1 it would be more than enough! But we are painfully aware that COVID-19 is screwing with everyone’s wallets and thus donation may not be an option. We totally understand this!

If you can’t donate then just let other furries know about this site. A social network platform after-all makes no sense if no one is socializing!

Another way you can help JustFurry immensely is be supporting our advertisements. Especially if you are in the market for said services. Just a %5 conversion rate from advertisements helps JustFurry in so many ways.

With enough people and enough support financially JustFurry could eventually become a self-sustainable entity and perhaps move along to bigger/better/faster servers.


If you made it to the end of this entry. Congratulations. I should probably give out prizes for people that read this far. Anyhow. Take care and may server protect you.

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