Hello everyone Blaze Mari here and i'm glad to say that Danganronpa songs are coming to justfurry and the channel if you did not played the game of Danganronpa the game is about investigating a murder and and you must find out of who done it if you solve the mystery correctly the person in the game who has done murder will be punished with death that will be chosen by Monokuma himself but chose the wrong person and you and everyone else will be punished with death and the The person who killed the person gets away with it. and if you don't know Monokuma and no he is not a furry like us. . .Monokuma is a Black and White Bear of half hope and half Despair maybe he's "Des-bear" . . .ok i might use a pun but enough of that if you want to play the game then go for it! i will make the Danganronpa Mash ups as soon as possible See you then!