im Ashley im a furry girl ( a foxy ) and i am NOT A HUMAN! im 100% a foxy im a fox stuck in a human body. i look and act like a foxy and yes i yap and bark purr and sleep in a fox den. i wear my ears and tail everywhere i go,every night before going to bed i pray and beg to God to please turn me into a real red fox as i never wanted to be a human. being a red fox is my dream, i hope some day to wake up with fur and paws and a real tail if you think im weird thats fine..but understand its my life style im a furry and i want and believe that i am a animal and not a life style is not for everyone i understand that but dont be shy to talk to me i do not bite (: I use to own my very own pet fox her name was REDTAIL she was a 6 month old red fox kit.. sadly she passed away by the hands of some hunters and there dogs.. but shes always with me and some day i hope to own my very own fox breeding business and call it "RedTail's foxes"
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