Well I'm back, unlike Micheal Jackson... I'm Taquill the rawoing dragon! I play VRChat and some COD, but COD is dead, change my mind. Currently I'm wanting to learn how to sing, and followed by Avatar Creation with the VRChat SDK! I wish I didn't have to say what my relationship was currently at, don't get me wrong it's fine but it's only dating, what do I look like? 45?
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  • Would you eat:
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  • Alright here's a rant.

    Stop asking for free art. It's like kicking the door down of the local sculptor, beating up their partner, then burning down their house in a manic craze only to ask for some free art commissions.

    That might be over dramatic I'm sorry.

    But like seriously I can allow people using non-fursona art (Pleasure art used to practice etc) is fair game, sorry, sue me. But if someone used my fursona I'd *KINDLY* ask them not to do what they did, if they didn't depending on their age I'd care, if it's a beginner furry chances are I'd make art for them, but outside of that hell no leave fursonas alone.

    This is a unpopular opinion I know but seriously in the end it's just abunch of pixels, ones and zeros, and alot of fur we're fussing over.

    And about my rants, Yes I'm always upset ^^

    #rant #unpopularopinion
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  • So much to do so much to get, a new PC, vocal coach.. Gods help my wallet
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  • Looking at the advertising manager it says at max I can reach around over 950 users give or take. But has there been more then 10 users on this site at a time?
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  • Every person who comes out as a gay/lesbian has at least somebody of the opposite sex jealous.

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  • You know, I don't even understand why some places sell what they sell. My parents get Starbucks, right? Well they pick me up something, I say surprise me. Well anyways I was surprised with a strawberry funnel cake frappe? The strawberry flavouring tastes like chemicals and the "main" part of the drink tastes like soy sauce.

    I prefer to call it "Under-cooked American Ramen Flavour"
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  • DragonicStudios.net

    Hmmm I smell an opportunity
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  • Do you know what I hate? Is discrimination against something a person can't help but have. Such as a handicap or their deteriorating (old) age. I understand a worry of renting a car to an old person for example, and unless you believe they're going to pass out at the steering wheel your insurance will happily cover you, and if not you can be based and just complain to the state.

    It's rude, wrong, and it's just hypocritical because unless your abart of the 27 club or something your going to be like that one day too. Just because your old doesn't mean you just live a dead life, you still want to do and work on things sometimes, but of course now adays old people are just burdens, right?

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  • Advice from my Second adoptive father:

    I know your poly, (My name), and that's fine, I love you, and frankly don't care as you know I"m gay. Just remember that even though you may think your something now, don't let it prevent you from trying and following different and new relationships, don't limit yourself to groups, be open to any and everything.

    What bothers me is when someone is poly and doesn't tell their other partner, people, nobody cares what your sexuality is, just do it. But if your sexuality involves more then one person make sure your partner knows about your own partners, I'm not sexist, transphobic, racist, gayphobic or personphobic, I'm just a logical thinker who believes everyone deserves to know who their partner is dating when asked or is not known.

    No my life's fine but my friend's life isn't, and this is just a rant in contrary for said friend who luckily, isn't on JF.

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