I'm gasoline. Fuel. Fire. Passion. Pleasure. It's like being naked in a wheat field with puppies eating ice cream. Everything that is good yet powerful with the force of a V8 diesel engine that has no retraining bolts. The M-rotor dislodges and you have the potential of ejecting your friends and family. Relax as the Pesto Humans stare at you from their glass house eating apples of sheer delight. I am a 5' 8" Binturong reporter from the after-now. Don't die and server protect you.
  • Alright. Why does a social network demand my geo-location? I understand the cookies warning.. I don't agree with the use of cookies in any fashion but that's another arguement. But geo-location? Why? Why is that important?
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  • https://soundcloud.com/s-config/kakashi-voice-over-test - Now, i've gotten some compliments not just from twitter. but from even my professional RL job that I should do voice overs... Posted a little something on Sound Cloud if I were to do a dub in an anime. Think I should open a page on my site for VO and narration stuffs?
    Kakashi - Voice over test.
    There's no way to upload audio to twitter.. So here is a random voice track.
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  • https://www.s-config.com/state-of-blog-2020/ - it's been a while since we did a state of 2020 address with my website. Despite nature/technology/and man itself trying to kill us in 2020 it's certainly proving to me an interesting year for bloggers like myself. We even got a review from a popular YouTuber "Muta" of TheOrdinaryGamers . Since they were hella-nice to me! I made a response blog right back.
    State of blog 2020. - S-Config
    First off, allow me to state that we haven't been totally active on our blog site until only recently. This is because instead of posting blogs, art,
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  • https://www.s-config.com/stream-recording/

    Because not only do we love you and want to keep some ad-revenue pennies away from twitch. We also value your privacy and do not use any ad or tracking cookies what so ever thus making the video streaming process worlds more enjoyable.

    We also wanted to experiment encoding. Eating gigs of hard-drive space on our VPS! So! A new Twitch recording is out! Playing Streets of Rouge for 4 hours and 20 minutes! With FunkyJoe and crew on the Discord channel.

    Also, the blog has been updated a little showing the previous twitch stream and the differences used in encoding the first one playing GTA5 and the last one playing Streets of Rouge.

    Anyhow, for those who visit my site. Thanks so much!
    Stream Recording - S-Config
    Stream into the abyss. Current Stream:In case you have no-script enabled or for some reason cannot see the title video on this website. I have provided direct links for these videos.WebM - Link - Unlike our tutorial videos this will only come in WebM due to its sheer sizeDescription: Twitch…
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  • A while back I asked if you wanted to see my recorded stream. Because we are jerks that don't tell people when I smash that record button. Well, now you can right on my website! It only took 4 days straight to encode to VP9 codec but hey! It was fun to us!

    Stream Recording - S-Config
    Stream into the abyss. Video mirrors:In case you have no-script enabled or for some reason cannot see the title video on this website. I have provided direct links for these videos.WebM - Link - Unlike our tutorial videos this will only come in WebM due to its sheer size  This is…
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  • I'm not really a twitch streamer. But I do sometimes like smashing that stream button on OBS at irregular intervals. Some people were sad that they missed me streaming. Because I have no YouTube because of my general hatred of it. Also, because YouTube and Twitch will filter/copyright claim me playing games like GTA5 where the moment the radio kicks in the censors go nuts.

    How about I also smash that record button in OBS and give you guys the last stream on my web-site instead? It would be totally ad-free and tracking free. And for the most part censorship free. What do you guys think?

    P.S. I will be prepared for whatever the result will be. Go Democracy.
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  • https://www.s-config.com/aerodymanic/ - It's been a while since I sat down with the loops that were fruity. But I spent waaaaay to long on this one. Under the rules of any project. Go fast, commit.
    Aerodymanic - S-Config
    S Presents: "First Try!" - Aerodymanic. Pure HTML5 fallback legacy WordPress player. Direct download:Direct downloads are available to those who wish to save these sounds to your hard drive or wish to play them in your player of choice. The following formats listed are as follows:MP3 Download - Click the…
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  • https://www.s-config.com/have-fun/ - This question was originally aimed at the Twitch community. But we hijacked the questioned and answered it too. Enjoy.
    Have fun. - S-Config
    What is "Have fun" for 1000 and the win in the jeopardy championship? Well! This question comes from the social blades:I have a serious question for @Twitch streamers (partnered or not): If you could give ONE piece of advice to another streamer or to someone who wants to start streaming,…
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  • I recently upgraded my blogging web-server from Apache and Nginx. Most people would probably blank stare at me for this however i was running into a bunch of problems with Apache. Most notably that my VPS had a limited amount of ram and without a steady flow of 1000+ readers I couldn't justify an upgrade to the VPS. Maybe when it jumps to 10k i'd start thinking about it . But I dunno.

    Why did I do it? Well, memory saving for starters. Nginx handles user requests way differently then Apache. Instead of opening up a processing thread per user it allocates all of the requests into a few threads. making it way faster on the turn-around.

    Nginx is also known for handling static content fantastically. The dynamic content on my site is just php scripting which is a giant 'whatever'. But when I do video blogs Apache tends to chunk down and eat a lot of memory serving that style of content.

    Another side effect is a lot of rules for WordPress were not being acknowledged by Apache. Such as re-writting .jpg and.png to attempt .webp as i run the EWWW image optimizer. Nginx seems to do this no problem where-as I slam my head into a wall on Apache.

    I guess the only downside of Nginx is that it's not multi-user friendly. Which since i'm all alone on my VPS.... Who cares! It handles HTML2 better and they'll be the second web-server to release HTML3 so i'm super-looking forward to that.

    I do see why federated networks choose Nginx for their web-servicing needs. It's crazy fast and low-memory. Although a bit of a pain to configure it's worth the pain to be honest.
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  • The enemy of Facebook is all.
    Alright, something a little more serious. Attached is an e-mail that describes how Facebook acknowledges the possible threat to their network not by another major social platform but by thousands of platforms integrating with one another. This is otherwise known as "De-Centralization" or "Federated Networking" Or! I could put it in a better way and say that these platforms are small business...
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