I'm gasoline. Fuel. Fire. Passion. Pleasure. It's like being naked in a wheat field with puppies eating ice cream. Everything that is good yet powerful with the force of a V8 diesel engine that has no retraining bolts. The M-rotor dislodges and you have the potential of ejecting your friends and family. Relax as the Pesto Humans stare at you from their glass house eating apples of sheer delight. I am a 5' 8" Binturong reporter from the after-now. Don't die and server protect you.
  • Just friendly PSA.. If the music or art is not made by you. Credit the artist/musician. Link to their deviantart/bandcamp/youtube. Cool, peace.
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  • A little P.S.A. to those who think that art/fursuits on the internet are public domain.
    We will find you. You will be called out. How? https://images.google.com/ the images subdomain on Google allows you to reverse lookup any picture on the internet. There are some young people in the fandom that think that whatever picture that is online can be used for their own identity. Got some bad news on that front. It's a form of theft. And it's also being a bit of an imposter...
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  • https://www.s-config.com/avif-is-now-being-hosted-here/ - not sure if anyone wants to know the technical details of how my blog and JustFurry is hosting AVIF imaging in a dynamic CMS environment. But all of the cron.daily shell magic is posted right in the link.

    Thank you very much.
    AVIF is now being hosted here.
    First there was AV1. Now there's AVIF A while back during my video encoding sessions, I toyed with the concept of serving AV1 videos on my site. The results were not great out of respect that we could not find a great way of detecting the client's capabilities of video decoding without writing some
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  • Sorry for the outage.. The perils with optimizing background scripts is if you don't check the permission specific scripts they get super angry!

    Anyhow, shouldn't happen again.. Apologies for the blackout.
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  • Just a quick note. The webservices are not transcoding files not only in WEBP but also in the latest format AVIF.

    AVIF is based off of the AV1 codec used for Video. A standard which YouTube, Google, and Netflix have adopted in order to deliver content faster will keeping bandwidth overhead low.

    No modifications to the basecode of justfurry were made in order for this to be rolled out. All of this is handled at the web daemon Nginx levels.

    As an end-user on justfurry.com this will not affect anything you do.

    This will affect Firefox version 86 and above users and Chrome 85 and above and Opera 71 and above users.

    To those users on Safari for MAC. Or Internet explorer. it's not going to affect you at all. This site will serve JPG and PNG to you perfectly fine.

    Server protect you.

    - S
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  • Just letting everyone know there's a CRON job the server justfurry.com run's every week where it optimizes all images. One of the optimization processes scrubs all metadata including "EXIF" data out of your images. This is done initially to safe space. But it has the extra feature of killing the geolocation that phones/DLSR/computers tend to store within images.

    Which BTW is the total opposite of how Facebook operates.

    You're welcome.
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  • Mental Health Awareness.
    I'm not going to speak the name of the person who came to me on this social network about this. But if the words: "..kill yourself.." come out of your lips. Stop right there! It's time to assess your situation. You're calling out for help at this point. Although I cannot speak for everyone here. I'm not professionally trained to assist in this matter. In fact i'm probably the worst person to...
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  • https://www.s-config.com/sleeper-e-server-pc/ - for those curious. This is my daily driver PC that i use for my video editing. blogging..etc.
    Sleeper E-Server PC
    For those who are curious: This is our Sleeper PC! We're not entirely sure how many people want to see the very PC that is responsible for almost ninety-five percent of the content on this site. However we noticed there was a thing going around social networks: Show us your PC! Now, in contrast t
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  • I would like everyone to vote in this upcoming 3068 election. I'm voting for Wolf party Kruztov and his "Weaponize Phoboes" policies. Martians need protection from space pirates.Senator Amadalz of the Koala party with greener domes makes no sense.
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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv0QaTW3kEY&t - There could be a few of you that have already seen the documentary. However, it's one of the better ones out there. The only thing I would honestly give criticism for is that it's too short.. it almost needs to be broken down into parts. HOWEVER! Given that their budget was 1/5th of that of which a real documentary goes for. It's more then acceptable.

    It's good to understand history. To know where you come from. So that you will know where you are going in the future. Especially in times like what we living in.=
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