• Happy New Year!!!!
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  • I've been so obsessed with hello kitty recently x3
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  • I made a joke saying I look like Lord farquaad so i drew my usual makeup & hair on him an tbh it looks way to much like me
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  • This is Rocco the sled dog! He's now taken & belongs to Kage Dreemurr
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  • I'm drawing a winter-themed character adopt! I'll explain the details on how to get him when i post it.
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  • This is my new fursona, Candy the bunny! Please be respectful & mindful. As she may have some more "adult" features, the character is based on me personally who is a minor.
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  • I finished one of the give away characters but I really like him & I think I might keep him >w<
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  • I think I'm gonna take a break from requests for a little bit so i cam focus on my creativity. Would y'all be interested in character give away/ trades instead?
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  • Alrighty! Based on the poll, y'all said ya wanted an alternative music list. Here it is! List order will be band name & genre.

    1. KMFDM (industrial metal)
    2. Bring me the horizon (Emo metal)
    3. My Chemical Romance (softcore emo)
    4. The dead milkmen (punk)
    5. Pierce the veil (pop punk/ emo)
    6. 100gecs (unsure of genre)
    7. Black veil brides (pop punk/ new goth)
    8. Behemoth (death metal)
    9. Suicide Silence (death metal)
    10. Caravan Palace (retro *I think*)
    11. Green day (punk)
    12. Mindless self indulgence (synth punk)
    13. Pink Floyd (psychedelic rock)
    14. Lil peep (Emo rap) *lil peep is one of my favorites on this list 11/10*
    15. The all American rejects (pop punk)
    16. Cannibal corpse (death metal)
    17. Modern baseball (softcore pop punk)
    18. Siouxsie and the banshees (goth)
    19. Gorillaz (multiple genres)
    20. Boy Pablo (softcore aesthetic *not punk*)
    21. Hawthorne Heights (pop punk/ emo)
    22. Oliver tree (unsure of genre)
    23. Mac Miller (psychedelic rap)
    24. Attack Attack! (Emo metal)
    25. Jazmine bean (unsure of genre)
    26. Marilyn Manson ( he's not a great person but some of his music slaps)
    27. Lil Bo Weep (unsure of genre)
    28. Pale waves (softcore)

    That's all! If I come up with more, I'll make another post! Let me know if ya like some of em!
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  • If y'all support Trump, go ahead & unfriend me hon coz ion need friends who think my human rights are a political debate ❤
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