I am a DJ Furry youtuber i kinda like to hit the base i can be found on Sofurry and Furry4life and you can give me request and i will get to work with you mash up i hope this will be a good experience!
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Alright furs listen up the Voice acting auditions for Repeat Visual novel is now open! people who want to be in the auditions can type in the # and Character of who your acting! the Characters who will be voice acting will be
Owen: Taken by Funky Joe
Sissel: Taken by Simon
Jinny: taken by princess moonlightwolfpup
Phillp: Taken by Dull kitsune
Euca (protagonist): Taken by me
So if you want to participate in voice acting then type in the comments #Character and you might be Picked to act as that character!
(Repeat title screen made by Shiro koi)
(if you have not been picked to voice act the main characters don't worry more characters will be add as the story goes along. And another thing i won't give out the script of the story at least until the recording studio is done.)
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